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Trying to manage your WordPress website and stuck on that menu creation.
Here is the how-to article for you to add those menu items and create a menu.

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Time needed: 5 minutes

  1. Log in to the WordPress dashboard

  2. Click on “Appearance” in the left-side menu

  3. Click on “Menus”

  4. Create a new menu or select an existing one

  5. Give the menu a name and click on “Create Menu”

  6. To add pages to the menu, select the pages you want to add from the “Pages” section on the left-side of the screen

  7. Click on “Add to Menu”

  8. To rearrange the menu items, simply drag and drop them into the desired order

  9. To create a drop-down menu, drag a menu item slightly to the right of another item to make it a sub-item

  10. To add custom links to the menu, enter a label and URL in the “Custom Links” section

  11. Click on “Save Menu” to save your changes.


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